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How to push for a new Holocaust, from Nazi conference in Tehran by Ahmadinejad/Duke

How to push for a new Holocaust, from Nazi conference in Tehran by Ahmadinejad/Duke

Option #1 That the six million murdered for sole reason of being of a different origin were killed as 'just as an act of war'.

If it doesn't "work", try:

Option #2 That the 1.5 million children slougtered died "of old age"...

If it doesn't "work", try:

Option #3 That the Jews with their old history in Polnad of at least 1,000 years "didn't" (???) produce so many...

If it doesn't "work", try:

Option #4 That it was "just one more genocide" not as the Nazis themselves have documented their clear laid out plan to exterminate them all, the final solution.

If it doesn't "work", try:

Option #5 Ahamdainejad's idea that Europeans carried out the Holocaust in order to put more non Muslims (i.e. Jews) in the midts of the Muslims' own middle east.

The Truth & Facts about mostly NON Jewish Communism in Non-Jewish J. Stalin's Crimes

The Truth & Facts about mostly NON Jewish Communism in Non-Jewish J. Stalin's Crimes

Jews vs Communism
A few points.

* Most Communists were Non Jews but rather white Christians by origin.

* Communists and Zionists are a contradiction.

* Communists and Religious Jews are a complete contradiction.

* The Minority among Communists that included Jews were against Stalin's crimes.

* Stalin was educated as devout Christian and in a strong Christian environment.

* The few that had supported the communist ideology were mainly before it became corrupted and violent, thus no connection between communists (Christians & Jews) ideologists and the violence, but rather Stalinists who were by the most part also anti any religion, Christian or Jews.


http://atheistalliance.org/library/nelson-atheism_communism.php In fact, there have been many communist countries in Europe and elsewhere that were Christian, including Roman Catholic Italy, Hungary, and Poland, and Lutheran Germany. The smear campaign against atheists is an attempt to link them with the crimes of the various communist dictatorships. Few would deny that Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union was a totalitarian dictatorship, or that he focused much of his enmity on the church. However, we must consider two important factors: 1) Did he commit his crimes in the name of atheism, and 2) What were his motivations.

http://www.amazon.com/Stalin-Against-Jews-Arkady-Vaksberg/dp/0679422072Stalin against the Jews, Supported by newly declassified archival material, Russian journalist Vaksberg's expose documents Stalin's relentless, fanatical anti-Semitism. The Soviet dictator purged thousands of Jews from their political or professional posts and sent them to concentration camps or execution pits, liquidated nearly all Jewish army officers, persecuted prominent Jews in show trials with anti-Semitic overtones and herded several thousand Jewish families to a barren Far Eastern wasteland in what was supposed to become an exclusively Jewish territory. Meanwhile, as camouflage, he surrounded himself with Jewish aides, appointed Jews as the commanders of gulags and kept his loyal comrade Lazar Kaganovich as the only Jew in the Politburo. Moscow-based Vaksberg ( The Soviet Mafia ) also documents the revival of state-sanctioned anti-Semitism under Krushchev and Brezhnev and the hate-mongering of contemporary ultranationalist groups. History Book Club alternate.

Stalin publicly espoused Marxism's international ideology by championing Russia's Jews but, behind the scenes, anti-Semitism ruled his plots for their destruction. Vaksberg ( The Prosecutor: Andrei Vyshinsky and the Moscow Show Trials , LJ 2/1/91) has delved into recently opened public records to reveal new information, including the possibility that Stalin's schemes against the Jews began earlier than previously thought. This work covers much the same territory as Louis Rapoport's Stalin's War Against the Jews ( LJ 9/1/90). Both examine Stalin's early writing on the "national question," the purges of the 1930s, the rise of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, the murder of Jewish leader Solomon Mikhoels, and the Doctor's Plot. Rapoport's lacked some of Vaksberg's sources, but his work is more carefully documented. Vaksberg's readable study is recommended for larger collections.

http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/s/dmitri_shostakovich/index.html?query=STALIN,%20JOSEPH&field=per&match=exact,br> STALIN, JOSEPH state tyranny and persecution of Jews in Russia under Stalin



I have long disagreed on this blog with the anti-Semitic notion of Soviet Communism as a Jewish, anti-Christian conspiracy and am getting tired of refuting it. It's ultimately a creation of the anti-Communist Eastern Orthodox Church, who was in bed with the Czars, lords and nobles for centuries.

During this time the Church presided over and cheered on the slaughter of countless millions of Eastern Orthodox Christian serfs and peasants. Soviet Communism, which doubled life expectancy and reduced the death rate by 75% for Orthodox Christians from 1913-1956, was the best thing that had ever happened to Orthodox Christian serfs and peasants.

Sure, the Soviets were hostile to the Orthodox church - because the church had been in bed with the feudal enemy for centuries and opposed the revolution, choosing to side with the feudalist, Monarchist Whites in the Russian Civil War. Furthermore, Joseph Stalin was a Georgian, not a Jew, with roots in Orthodox Christian culture.

The Trotskyites felt Stalin was an anti-Semite and the Stalinist terror of the 1930's disproportionately targeted Jews, which is strange if Stalinism was a Jewish plot.

Considering that 99% of Russians had Orthodox Christian roots, it is obvious, tautological and meaningless that Stalinism's victims also had Christian roots. Here is a quote that shows that in 1917, the vast majority (97-98%) of Bolsheviks had Christian, not Jewish, roots: Such statistics as are available show that only a small percentage of the Jews are followers of Lenin. In the autumn of 1917 the Bolshevists published a statistical analysis of the constituents of the Soviets, showing that the Bolshevists were more largely composed of pure Russian elements than the Menshevists, who are anti-Bolshevists. In December 1918, the Jews formed only 2.6 per cent of the 121,071 organized Bolshevists in Petrograd.I also disagree that Soviet Communism was deadly. What was deadly was Russian feudalism, which killed 4 times as many Russians per capita, year in and year out, as Soviet Communism. Communism reduced the death rate in Russia by 75%. How can such a system be considered "deadly"?

I disagree that the phony Communists running China right now are doing a better job than the USSR of anything other than making the rich richer and the poor poorer. In its final years, the USSR still had jobs, housing, health care, food, day care, pensions, and transportation for everyone.

Meanwhile, Mao's Iron Rice Bowl lies shattered on the floor, smashed by Deng Xiaoping's phony Communists. There are 100's of millions of unemployed roaming China's cities and sleeping on the sidewalks. Free health care has been swept away, especially in the rural areas, a massive backwards step from Mao's brilliant barefoot peasant program. Many peasants can no longer afford medical care.

I don't agree with the frankly ridiculous notion that Liberalism, in the form of cultural relativism, multiculturalism and especially Political Correctness, has swept over the USA. Not that that would be such a bad idea. A close look at neoconservative America reveals instead a deeply fundamentalist America, hostile to PC platitudes, multiculturalism and cultural relativism.

Personally, Martin Luther King is one of my favorite Americans, and I don't care one whit about his plagiarism and his adultery. These sins were uncovered by a massive effort to examine MLK's life with a microscope, searching for anything scandalous.

If, after decades on Earth, the worst one can say about a prominent Black man is that he plagiarized some text somewhere and was a philanderer, I figure he couldn't have been too bad of a guy. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!


The Russian Revolution and rise of Stalin caused a deterioration in the position of Soviet Jews. persecution of Jews and Communist efforts to wipe out http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/US-Israel/free_immigration.html ,br>

History News Network, STALIN’S JEWISH VICTIMS. Joshua Rubenstein, Vladimir Pavlovich Naumov, Stalin's Secret Pogrom: The Postwar Inquisition of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. ...http://hnn.us/blogs/entries/16343.html


Stalin’s Purges and Forced Famine [1932-1938]

Estimated Death Toll: Approx. 100-200,000 Jews; 5 million Ukrainians killed 1932-33, 14-15 million Soviet peasants 1930-37, and at least 3 million "enemies of the people" 1937-38.

During Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror in Russia and the Soviet Republics his regime killed or starved an estimated 15 million peasants, 5 million Ukrainians, 200,000 Jews; and as many as 3 million enemies of the state. Stalin used mass annihilation as a tactic to control dissent, force cooperation with state policies and to unify an incredibly diverse population people by targeting specific scapegoat groups.

Soviet Jews were killed as scapegoats, Ukrainian peasants were killed as part of Stalin’s collectivization pogrom and political opponents and intellectuals were killed as enemies of the state. The combined tragedy of the Soviet’s political genocide exceeds even the scope of the Nazi Holocaust.

Today’s revolts in Chechnya, Georgia and other former republics of the U.S.S.R., have deep roots in the atrocities of the Stalin era.


Telling the story of some of Stalin's Jewish victims. You can see them at http://www.jewishworldreview.com/ community events and Holocaust commemorations ...http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/tobin071502.asp

http://www.yale.edu/annals/Reviews/review_texts/Tobin_on_Rubenstein_The_Jewish_Exponent_04.08.02.htmUnknown History, Unheroic Martyrs, Telling the story of some of Stalin?s Jewish victims

Stalin the ANTI - JEWS!!! http://www.sovietjewishsoldiers.org/essays_articles.aspIt is a history that has been suppressed and denied, bent into shape, and embellished in blood by Stalin. As early as 1913, during his revolutionary days, the former seminarian took the view that "Jews do not constitute a nation of their own", but were merely a "paper nation" that had no right to occupy a space among the "real, active and growing nations that have a right to be recognized." Destined to become an expert on nationality issues of the multinational Bolshevik state, Stalin wrote in a programmatic article, which became characteristic of his later regime, that the Jews embodied "something mystical, intangible and supernatural." In contrast to the deeply rooted Russians, the Jews "had no strong roots to connect them to the land and hold their nationality together." And, as Stalin concluded, "Only a nationality has the right to determine its destiny (…), arrange its life in the way it wishes." Throughout the blood-soaked decades the dictator denied the Jews this right. It was thus impossible for there to be any Jewish heroes of the Soviet Union. He dealt them a deathblow, acting in accordance with the tsarist tradition, which had started the worldwide conspiracy of the "Protocols...".
Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus,The goal of Jewish Heritage Research Group (JHRG) is to create a window into Jewish past of Belarus. We want to take rich Jewish heritage ... Stalin victims ... http://www.jhrgbelarus.org/Records_victims.php

http://www.amazon.com/Stalins-Last-Crime-Against-1948-1953/dp/006019524X Stalin's Last Crime: The Plot Against the Jewish Doctors, 1948-1953 (Hardcover)

http://www.kimel.net/jewpol.html How Anti Semites in Poland developed a myth to blame the Jews for Communists, even though most were.... Christians!

During WWII, the Polish government in exile made an agreement with Stalin, to organize a Polish Army in exile, based on the mobilization of Polish citizens residing in Russia. General Anders, who performed this task, accepted only a token number of Jews to the Polish forces. As a result, Stalin was left with an extensive pool of Polish speaking Jews, that he extensively used later in the process of subjugation and communization of Poland. On the other hand, Stalin had no problem using Russians with Polish sounding names like Rokossovsky, Bierut or even Poles like Jaruzelski, for the same purpose. And so was another myth developed, the Jews were blamed again for Stalin's subjugation of Poland. This myth is still reverberating through the acrimonious discussions on the Internet. Before the war, about 3.5 million Jews lived in Poland. Today, there in Poland no more than 15,000 Jews, out of a population of 38 millions. Although, small in numbers the Jews are noticed in Poland. Their presence is felt in the press, during the elections opponents accuse each other of Jewish origin. Somehow, one has an impression that the Poles feel that they are victimized by . . . the Jews. For example, a taxi driver told me that "All the banks in Poland are owned by Jews. The Jews control everything."

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The story of 'Protestant B'

Hat tip to: http://somebodyhelpme.info


This story was sent to me by a friend and I thought the readers of the
Havurah list would enjoy it.

Micki Adams

Protestant B

Do you know what a Protestant B is? I know what a Protestant is, and I know
what a Catholic is, and I know what a Jew is . . . but until recently, I had
never heard of a Protestant B. I learned what a Protestant B is from an
essay by Debra Darvick, that appeared in an issue of Hadassah Magazine. It
is a chapter from a book she is working on about the American Jewish
experience. And this essay is about the experience of Retired Army Major Mike
Neilander, who now lives in Newport News, Virginia, and who is now a Judaic
silversmith. This is his story:

"Dog tags. When you get right down to it, the military's dog tag
classification forced me to reclaim my Judaism. In the fall of l990, things
were heating up in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. I had been an Army Captain and a
helicopter maintenance test pilot for a decade and received notice that I
would be transferred to the First Cavalry Division which was on alert for the
Persian Gulf War. Consequently, I also got wind of the Department of Defense
"dog tag dilemma" vis-a-vis Jewish personnel. Then, as now, Jews were
forbidden by Saudi law to enter the country. But our Secretary of Defense
flat out told the King of Saudi Arabia, "We have Jews in our military.
They've trained with their units and they're going. Blink and look the other
way." With Kuwait occupied and the Iraqis at his border, King Faud did the
practical thing. We shipped out, but there was still the issue of
classification. Normally the dog tags of Jewish service-men are imprinted
with the word "Jewish." But Defense, fearing that this would put Jewish
soldiers at further risk should they be captured on Iraqi soil, substituted
the classification "Protestant B" on the tags. I didn't like the whole idea
of classifying Jews as Protestant anything and so I decided to leave my dog
tag alone. I figured if I were captured, it was in God's hands. Changing my
tags was tantamount to denying my religion and I couldn't swallow that. In
September, l990 I went off to defend a country that I was prohibited from
entering. The "Jewish" on my dog tag remained as clear and unmistakable as
the American star on the hood of every Army truck. A few days after my
arrival, the Baptist chaplain approached me. "I just got a secret message
through channels," he said. "There's going to be a Jewish gathering. A
holiday. Simkatoro or something like that. You want to go? It's at l800
hours at Dhahran Airbase."

Simkatoro turned out to be Simchas Torah, a holiday that hadn't registered on
my religious radar in eons. Services were held in absolute secrecy in a
windowless room in a cinder block building. The chaplain led a swift and
simple service. We couldn't risk singing or dancing, but Rabbi Ben Romer had
managed to smuggle in a bottle of Manischewitz. Normally, I can't stand the
stuff, but that night, the wine tasted of Shabbat and family and Seders of
long ago. My soul was warmed by the forbidden alcohol and by the memories
swirling around me and my fellow soldiers. We were strangers to one another
in a land stranger than any of us had ever experienced, but for that brief
hour, we were home. Only Americans would have had the chutzpah to celebrate
Simchas Torah under the noses of the Saudis. Irony and pride twisted
together inside me like barbed wire. Celebrating my Judaism that evening
made me even prouder to be an American, thankful once more for the freedoms
we have. I had only been in Saudi Arabia a week, but I already had a keen
understanding of how restrictive its society was. Soon after, things began
coming to a head. The next time I was able to do anything remotely Jewish
was Chanukah.

Maybe it was coincidence, or maybe it was God's hand that placed a Jewish
Colonel in charge of our unit. Colonel Lawrence Schneider relayed messages
of Jewish gatherings to us immediately. Had a non-Jew been in that position,
the information would likely have taken a back seat to a more pressing issue.
Like war. But itdidn't.

When notice of the Chanukah party was decoded, we knew about it at once. The
first thing we saw when we entered the tent was food, tons of it. Care
packages from the states -- cookies, latkes, sour cream and applesauce and
cans and cans of gefilte fish. The wind was blowing dry across the tent, but
inside there was an incredible feeling of celebration. As Rabbi Romer talked
about the theme of Chanukah and the ragtag bunch of Maccabee soldiers
fighting Jewry's oppressors thousands of years ago, it wasn't hard to make
the connection to what lay ahead of us. There in the middle of the desert,
inside an olive green tent, we felt like we were the Maccabees. If we had to
go down, we were going to go down fighting, as they did. We blessed the
candles, acknowledging the King of the Universe who commanded us to kindle
the Chanukah lights. We said the second prayer, praising God for the
miracles he performed, bayamim hahem bazman hazeh, in those days and now.
And we sang the third blessing, the Sheheyanu, thanking God for keeping us in
life and for enabling us to reach this season. We knew war was imminent.
All week, we had received reports of mass destruction, projections of the
chemical weapons that were likely to be unleashed. Intelligence estimates
put the first rounds of casualties at 12,500 soldiers. I heard those numbers
and thought, "That's my whole division!" I sat back in my chair, my gefilte
fish cans at my feet. They were in the desert, about to go to war, singing
songs of praise to God who had saved our ancestors in battle once before.
The feeling of unity was as pervasive as our apprehension, as real as the
sand that found its way into everything from our socks to our toothbrushes.
I felt more Jewish there on that lonely Saudi plain, our tanks and guns at
the ready, than I had ever felt back home in shul. That Chanukah in the
desert solidified for me the urge to reconnect with my Judaism. I felt
religion welling up inside me. Any soldier will tell you that there are no
atheists in foxholes and I know that part of my feelings were tied to the
looming war and my desire to get with God before the unknown descended in the
clouds of battle. It sounds corny, but as we downed the latkes and cookies
and wiped the last of the applesauce from our plates, everyone grew quiet,
keenly aware of the link with history, thinking of what we were about to do
and what had been done by soldiers like us so long ago. The trooper beside
me stared ahead at nothing in particular, absent-mindedly fingering his dog
tag. "How'd you classify?" I asked, nodding to my tag. Silently, he
withdrew the metal rectangle and its beaded chain from beneath his shirt and
held it out for me to read. Like mine, his read, "Jewish."

Somewhere in a military depot someplace, I am sure that there must be boxes
and boxes of dog tags, still in their wrappers, all marked "Protestant B."

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Islamic Hitler (as all haters in history) Stresses out the Chosennes

Islamic Hitler (as all haters in history) Stresses out the Chosennes

The fact & reality of chosenness

Whether you are a Bible believer that knows of God's choosing the Hebrews/Israelites/Jews (mentioned as Jews first in the book of Esther), or you are knowledgeable of historic jealousy of Jews' specialty, or even a Muslim that reads Sura that the Jews were chosen but chooses to ignore anything that is able to calm down the hatred, which today is an unfortunate horrific 'obligation' in mainstream twisted Islamic "education", their collective crime on their own youth.

All of the above has little to do with what the Jews themselves believe, contrary to haters that contradict themselves (as always).

So the Islamist radical Hitlerist of Iran, eager to go forward with his evil dreams/plans, as in: Pharaoh (book of Exodus), Hamman (book of Esther), Hitler (WWII) to eradicate, annihilate, wipe off, whatever the choice of words are, whatever the choice of excuse, adjusted to the generation.

At first he did say some of his full plan: 'Death to US, UK, Israel', lately he has been bombarded by advisers that push him to isolate Israel from the rest of the west, typically was his letter that he is (all of a sudden) ready to negotiate with anyone apart of Israel.

He was advised that it would play well in the wider Islamic world (there goes the "moderates" myth again), plus divide -- the west -- and conquer is only not understandable to the extreme gullible or to the extreme hater, when the latter does is more unwilling.

Thank God for his silly lines at the beginning of his stand against the world.

Israel = West's scapegoat

Not his very beginning, as in his 1979 torture of Americans, at that time he didn't come up yes with his anti Israel fever, so much for "Israel's fault", maybe it's west's fault that Israel; suffers now, being the easy scapegoat, How did Iranian Hitler say: "If we are attacked by the west we'll attack Israel", just as Iraqi Saddam Hussein attacked Israel when he was attacked by the west in 1991.

Every minimal knowledgeable, intelligent and normal person knows quite well that a threat to Israel is a threat to the west, historically & present, but today's Hitler that also singles out the Jews, is choosing them, again.

The understandable Islamo Phobia

Do we recommend Islamophobia? Not really. Is it understandable? You bet, 3,000 victims - reasons to start off in the US, in India roughly 15,000,000 victims - reasons, in London, Madrid, Australia (Bali victims), Nigeria, Sudan, actually where not, it's all over the map.

A traditional hatred (that) has no reason

The very fact that each generation, haters reinvented themselves to "find" a reason to be heard and to cover for their hatred, reaffirms again that the ancient blind hatred of Anti-Jewism HAS NO reason.

Conclusion, if Jews suffer, everyone suffers!

One of the tools haters use to diminish the uniqueness of the Holocaust is that everyone suffered, which is true, apart of the special & incomparable suffering that the Jews endured, of course.

Well, just remember this each time someone is making a war with the Jews, everyone suffers.

But it was/is always the evil doers that tell us (unwillingly of course) who's the special of the society.

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The all out cruelty of those Holocaust - so called - "deniers" or diminishers

The pretenteous "deniers" of the Holocaust, the show, a torture weapon
The all out cruelty of those Holocaust - so called - "deniers" or diminishers

Let's face it, since 99.99% of those Nazis that SAY that they "deny" the holocaust or trivialize it as "just another genocide", do NOT believe in what they say, the only goal for these (few) people in their horrindes campaign is to:

1) Hurt the survivors' feelings & their families.

2) To hurt the nation that was excluded to be "wiped off from the face of the earth" for no reason or "political conflict".

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What is "Muslim" about ReVictimizing the 6,000,000 of the Unique Holocaust?

What is "Muslim" about Re-Victimizing the 6,000,000 of the Unique Holocaust?
By calling a conflict a "holocaust", they commit a double crime:
Lie on the current situation.
Re-victimizing again the 6,000,000 innocent Jewish men, women & children that were murdered for no "conflict" but a "pure" evil nonsense, for simply belonnging to a certain origin!!!

How desperate the MUSLIM organizations can be to propogate it's hatred towards Israel and delegitimizing it's struggle for survival, as to dramatize, lie and stepping on all values!

If there is any menace of genocide it is only coming from the Arab Muslim part, all Arab Muslims' historic wars uipon Israel, current genocide bombings and open declaration of their leaders to annihilate the little Island of freedom in the jungle of tyranny.

AJC & StandWithUs Condemns the "Holocaust
in the Holy Land" program that the UC Irvine Muslim Student Union has planned for...



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US Aid to hostile Arab Countries VS Israel's aid to the US

Facts, Our Money?, Interesting, Israel Aids the US, Some "friends"...

* * *

US aid to Egypt: $3bn (£1.9bn) in aid and other credits, plus another $1bn in gifts. $1bn for Jordan...

http://www.science.co.il/Arab-Israeli-conflict/Articles/Anonymous-2003-08.asp US Foreign Aid to it's Enemies (inclusing Arab countries)

http://www.tomgrossmedia.com/BBC.htm http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/US-Israel/egyptaid.html Foreign Aid to Egypt

http://www.likud.nl/press371.html Billions of dollars poured into frontline [Arab] states like Jordan and Egypt. Arafat himself got tens of millions, though none of it ever seemed to show up in good housing, roads, or power plants for his people. The terror continued, enhanced rather than arrested, by Western largess and Israeli concessions. ... And then they (Islamists Terrorists) came after us...


When propagandists hypocritically 'cry wolf' about "our money", If they really care about "our money", they'd: Talk about "our money" (Billions!) to Egypt that "loves" us so much (no matter our policy) in the UN & in their press, plus their brutal oppressing of the http://www.copts.com/

Talk about "our money" to "palestinians" that most end up in Genocide-Bombing (just like: EU fraud office investigates aid diversion to bombers).

Talk about "our money" (Billions!) to Jordan, yes another "moderate" regime, with it's anti-US protests & so many Honor Killing .

Talk about "our money" (Bilions!) to Nuke-Power-Pakistan, amidst massive Indian victims' protests.India lobbying to block US aid: Pakistan . (Not that encouraging Musharaf to coopererate in anti-terrorism is not recomended, but if for that alone, Israel is far more at value, of course).

Talk about "our money" to Islamic Sudan that is the ONLY ONE TODAY that still enslaves Christians SUDAN CHRISTIANS CRY OUT SILENTLY FOR HELP! .

Talk about our money! Please do!

* * *

Interesting facts


These are what we call FACTS. Say it with me: FACTS.

The United States gives more foreign aid to the Arab world than to Israel.

Egypt - $2,116,000,000 Jordan - $192,814,000 Lebanon - $12,550,000 Liberia - $36,123,000 Angola - $54,408,000 Sudan - $1,121,000 Oman - $225,000

and so on...

And here's something that will boggle the minds of you Israel haters. In the last United Nations vote on foreign aid, only 7 nations WORLDWIDE voted against the United States giving $3 billion to Israel. Only Micronesia got less votes against, with 0.

On the other hand... 78 nations voted against the United States giving financial aid to Lebanon. 67 nations voted against the United States giving financial aid to Jordan. 66 nations voted against the United States giving financial aid to Egypt.

and the list goes on...

Why so many votes against supporting countries like Lebanon, and so few votes against supporting a country like Israel?


Following is by foundation1


http://foundation1.org/wp-en/2006/02/07/the-myth-of-israel%e2%80%99s-dependence-on-the-united-states/ - The Myth of Israel’s Dependence on the United States

  1. So long as Israel believes it’s dependent on the U.S. for its survival, Washington will continue to mediate the Israel-Arab conflict to the disadvantage of the Jewish state.

  2. American and Israeli politicians are ever saying that the shared moral values the U.S. and Israel is the basis of their friendly relationship. Ariel Sharon often said that his friendly relationship with President George W. Bush was Israel’s greatest strategic asset. No wonder Sharon repeatedly engaged in unilateral concessions to Israel’s Arab enemies! But this obviously renders Israelis servile and undermines the security of their country.

  3. Now, contrary to conventional wisdom, Israel’s military and economic dependence on the U.S. is a myth. Some years ago Joseph Sisco, former Assistant Secretary of State, told Israeli author Shmuel Katz, “I want to assure you, Mr. Katz, that if we were not getting full value for our money, you would not get a cent from us.” American foreign policy-makers are pragmatists, not moralists. U.S. aid to Israel is animated by national self-interest—pious platitudes to the contrary notwithstanding. Israel is and has been America’s biggest strategic bargain.

  4. According to Gen. George Keegan, former chief of U.S. Air Force Intelligence, while Israel annually received $1.8 billion in military grants from the U.S. between 1974-1990, Israeli aid to America was worth between $50-80 billion in intelligence, research and development savings, Soviet weapons systems captured and transferred to the Pentagon, and testing Soviet military doctrines up to 1990, when the USSR collapsed.

  5. Moreover, the bulk of the $1.8 billion Israel currently receives in military aid must be spent in the U.S., where it provides jobs for an estimated 50,000 American workingmen. It should also be noted that Israel would not need this amount of military aid were it not for huge American arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Egypt. U.S. military aid to Israel creates a demand for, and the purchase of, tens of billions of dollars worth of U.S. weaponry by these and other Arab states.

  6. American arms manufacturers have a vested interest in opposing any reduction of military aid to Israel—and so do their representatives in Congress. Directly and indirectly, Israel has enriched a welter of American corporations. For this reason alone, American congressmen, irrespective of their attitude toward Israel, will oppose cuts in military aid to the Jewish state. And as world leader in software and avionics, Israel has many corporate friends in the USA.

  7. Mention should also be made of Israel’s medical research contribution to the U.S. And then there are the thousands of Israeli-educated engineers and scientists that live and work in the U.S. and have contributed countless billions of dollars to the American economy!

  8. As for the $1.2 billion Israel receives from the U.S. in “economic” assistance, it does not go into building up Israel’s economy. Most of the money is used to repay pre-1974 loans for military hardware. It has been reduced by $120 million a year beginning in 1998, so that it is now negligible. By the way, Israeli economists across the political spectrum agree that U.S. aid to Israel has reduced the productivity of this country. Israel would have its own fighter aircraft were it not for myth of its dependence on the USA.

  9. But now consider Israel’s strategic contribution to the U.S.

    • Ever since 1971, when Israel first received significant amounts of aid from the U.S., the Jewish state has helped secure NATO’s southern flank.

    • In 1970, at Washington’s behest, Israel prevented a Syrian invasion of Jordan. By protecting Jordan from this client of the former Soviet Union, Israel thwarted Moscow’s ambitions in the Middle East. (By the way, it would be naive to think that Russia has permanently abandoned its historic objectives in this region.)

  10. Furthermore, Israel would not have been financially indebted to the U.S. had she not withdrawn from the Sinai. By so doing Israel lost a $17 billion infrastructure, including her most sophisticated air bases, as well as Israeli-developed oil fields which, by now, would have made the country energy-independent. Israel has had to spend more importing oil than she has thus far received in U.S. “economic” assistance. It was as if the United States beggared Israel to display American “charity.”

  11. The question arises: What prevents Israel’s political leaders from telling the truth about this grotesque state of affairs? Do they fear the loss of $1.8 billion in military aid? Perhaps this was true in 1985, when Israel’s Gross Domestic Product was $24.5 billion. But today, when Israel’s GDP is almost $150 billion, the $1.8 billion is only 1.2% of its GDP. Given even a much smaller GDP, $1.8 billion can’t be deemed indispensable for Israel’s survival. Indeed, if Israel had a government that was not steeped in corruption, it could dispense with American “charity” entirely! All it would have to do is clamp down on tax-evasion. Or if the government granted a moratorium to big tax evaders and lowered taxes, this would increase capital investment and make Israel another Singapore!

  12. But all this is known to Israeli politicians. If so, why do they perpetuate the myth of Israel’s dependence on the U.S.?

  13. According to contemporary political science, the dominant motivation of politicians is the desire for power and prestige. (This is precisely how nine out of ten Israelis view Israeli politicians!) It follows that Israel’s ruling elites may have a personal interest in fostering the myth that their country’s survival depends on U.S. aid. This conclusion gains credence from the fact that no Israeli government has undertaken serious steps to liberate Israel from its supposed dependency.

  14. Like other political elites, Israel’s want the people to feel dependent on the government. Influenced, no doubt, by Israel’s precarious situation, many people in this country want a strong leader, even if he is corrupt. Sharon exploited this tendency. As already mentioned, he repeatedly said that his friendly relationship with President Bush is Israel’s greatest strategic asset. This could not but make the people feel all the more dependent on Sharon himself. Stated another way: by fostering the myth of Israel’s dependence on the U.S., Israeli prime ministers can the more readily manipulate and control the people.

  15. At the same time, the myth of Israel’s dependence on the U.S. is also used by Israeli prime ministers as an excuse for their caving in to American pressure.

  16. All this substantiates what I have long called for—regime change. This will require the compete overhaul of Israel’s system of governance, beginning with democratizing the mode of electing the legislature; replacing the corrupt system of multi-cabinet government with a popularly elected president; and democratizing the method of appointing the Supreme Court. These democratic reforms will empower the peoplethe key to making Israel a truly independent and sovereign stateyes, and even a Jewish one!


While Arab regimes aid-receivers only take


http://www.geocities.com/d_elazar/USA/IsraelAidUSA.htm Israel – Aid to the USA

http://www.acpr.org.il/cloakrm/opeds/050511.html In Many Ways, Israel Is the Giver and the U.S. Is the Receiver



Our two-faced 'friends' in the Middle East Victor Davis Hanson, RealClearPolitics.com, 03 March 2006
With friends like this... Alex Alexiev, National Review Online, 24 February 2006

    Wednesday, December 28, 2005

    Israel's Higher moral ground

    Israel VS "Palestine"

    * Israelis are joyful each time their anti terrorists operations is without collateral damage, Arab Muslims dance in the streets each time they succeed in their goal of massacring more unarmed innocent.
    The more victims the bigger the dance.
    Tells you who is what.

    * Israeli authority swiftly arrests each "extremist" that just plans to hurt Arab property, Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' authority carries out it's own Fatah's 'Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade' direct massacres or indirect via greenlighting Hamas & Islamic Jihad thugs (now that Hamas is officially in power, even moreso).

    * Israel was the first in the middle east to give Arab women to vote in the sea of Islamo Arab dictatorship & tyranny, Arab Muslim 'Palestinians' don't even let Jews live under their "territories" (ethnic cleansing).

    * An Arab Muslim, whether of Israeli ordinary citizenship or a member of it's multi-racial parliament, can say whatever he wishes in Israeli public, an Israeli needs a brigade to guard him for merely being in Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' territory.

    * Israel teaches, freedom, liberty, equality, understanding, Arab Muslim 'Palestinians' teach hate, mass-murder-glorification, etc. http://teachkidspeace.org/ .

    * Israel goes into great length in developing special low range minimal damage, high precision small missiles to target only terrorists, Arab Muslim 'Palestinians' are getting more sophisticated in their genocide bombings and virtual almost daily missile launching into Israeli residential homes.

    * Israel with it's great restraint, is more careful on Arab kids than their own parents are, (exactly why) Arab Muslim 'Palestinians' put their kids in front of their cannons or shoot from the most crowded places (to shield themselves & to tarnish Israel, in case more Arabs fall).

    * Never equate Israel's going after specific terrorists (police work) with great length on tactics minimizing collateral damage, to Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' intentional going after the masses of crowded unarmed civilians, women & children.

    * Israel is flooded with peace movements and activism for Arab 'Palestinians', whereas on the Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' side there is not even one voice for the Israeli victims!

    False Moral Equivalence: Israel and Palestine

    Israel is Moral

    (Some of) Israeli Victims

    Targeting Children

    Faces of the Victims

    Casualties of War

    Victims of Palestinian Violence and Terrorism since September 2000

    Major terrorist Attacks on Israel

    Sbarro Massacre

    Memorial Sites

    Rest in Peace, Gal!

    Some Photos

    Some of "Palestinians" Heinous Crimes (Caution!)

    Remembrance support & explanations Sites:

    Project One Soul

    Mercy Never forget! - photos


    Enough is enough!

    Faces & goodbye's

    Help Israel

    Archives -Terrorism

    Gamla: Memorial

    Terrorism Victims' Organization

    Palestinians killing Palestinians

    More on Palestinians killing Palestinians, savagery (Caution!)

    Remembering: Shiri Negari


    The Shabo family

    "Lightly" injured

    Cruelty: nail bombs w/rat poison

    Their STREET Justice

    Targeting toddlers

    Kids for kids

    No to sadism!

    Click on this one to enlarge

    That's right, Arab kids victims too from Arab homicide bombers

    A sample of a "usual" Genocide bombing victim, of nail-bombing, nails into the flesh & bones, just to cause more & more pain.

    Infants, their favorite targets, "Resisting" these "occupiers"...

    Both sides have "extremists"? (heaven & earth!)

    Heaven & Earth!

    The heaven & earth gap does not merely consist of the shear percentage rate on each side respectfully, but on the rate of their level, or rather entirely of different planets of what they're about & goals.
    Then of course comes the very important decisive issue of how far of an acceptance is there in the wider community.

    Let's see:

    The most 'extreme' Israeli wants to evacuate Arabs (not by force really).
    The mainstream Arab Muslims have forced Israel to evacuate it's residents by force, never mind what exactly the wish is of the extreme Arab Muslim.

    Most 'extreme' Israeli organization has targeted Arab Muslim property, and it was banned from Israel landscape, as illegal.
    Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' authority not only greenlights the mass-murderers aiming at babies, but Hamas participated in election (just like any legitimate party), and even won high among Arab Muslim mainstream 'Palestinian' moderate population.

    Yigal Amir -- the one that is believed to have shot Rabin, even the Israeli vocal left has never managed to connect him to any group or organization.

    "Baruch Goldstein" -- guilty Islamists murderers and their apologetic friends, favorite lame excuse number 1.

    Reality check:
    He was no "student" (but an adult Doctor), a loner, no one has ever connected his action directly to any "group" (even though he was a member of a group that mainly targeted PROPERTY), he was really a desperate shooter on a SPONTANEOUS spree after most of his friends got murderers by Arab Muslims in cold blood (he cured many Arab Muslims, including militants prior to that, alas so much for 'where he came from to do his act'), unlike the fake-"desperate" Arab Muslims that have plenty of long months to plan their massacres very 'carefully', premeditated mass-murder.

    Look at that!
    Desperate Goldstein was shunned by most Israelis, But Arab Muslim militants and their backers in their wide mainstream do indoctrinate the youth into mass-murder & glorifying it.

    Put the most 'extreme' Israeli as in loner spontaneous-desperate: Goldstein next to the 'Palestinian' official Authority that up to this day has not dismantled it's official Fatah's 'Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade' terror-butchers, and see what you come up with.

    On: Demonizing Settlers, fabricator: Jack Kelley Exposed/Fired (March/04)