Saturday, December 24, 2005

The uniqueness of the Holocaust

The uniqueness of the Holocaust

The Difference Between Holocaust and Genocide
Why National Holocaust Day
What Makes the Holocaust Unique?
Why was the Holocaust unique?

No other nation, religion, creed etc. has ever suffered a total annihilation attempt, a 'carefully' planned, and a cold cruel programmed industry intended to erase an entire creed of the face of the earth, (not through any "conflicts", but) solely for being born to a certain origin.

A few points:

1) Hitler didn't care if you are a so called "communist" or anti Zionist, a Million "Agudah" religious mostly non Zionist Jews were registered members in Poland alone, most did perish, May their soul rest in peace, the fact that this majority didn't even desire to go to Israel, so much for the anti-Israel hater that suggests a "connection", As long as you were a Jew by ORIGIN, or a gypsy etc. but he reserved a special mission against the Jews.

2) The punctual Nazis documented many facts themselves, including their specific plan to EXTERMINATE Any Jew (, anywhere) on the face of the earth.

3) Jews were living in Poland for at least 1,000 years, Any questions about "how many were before the war"?

4) Many were starved to death intentionally, planned, a small example:
The Jews of the village (V.) were rounded up, pushed into a few train cars, then locked up from outside for a few days...., the local non Jewish residents tell of overwhelming screaming for days..., my great uncle (C), -- May he Rest in Peace-- the brother of my grand father) was one of them.

5) Why didn't the Nazis deny it (or diminish the numbers of the 6-10,000,000) back then???
When facing execution???

6) Just a tiny tip for those Arabs that are cought up in Hitlerism with such excitement, WHITE Hitler Nazi would exterminate all BROWN Arabs too... giving the chance.

One more thing, of course today's Nazis that carry the same "ideology" torch would deny it:
A) So that they could do it again...
B) To discredit the 6,000,000 (+) victims, again, after life too.

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Finally, those that were against the Jews then, thought, 'Oh it's just against the Jews', learned quickly, that at the end... EVERYONE SUFFERS.
But today's generation has many that haven't learned it yet...

The historic message to the haters?
Jews (mentioned like that first in the Bible, the Book of Esther), will always survive the evil trying to destroy them (from Pharaoh through Haman and beyond), no matter under what mask they go under.


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